2018 Senior Ambassadors

Step out of your comfort zone and become apart of something more...

Let us 

Our Senior Ambassador program is made up of young men and women entering their senior year of high school. Each of these young individuals embody an inner warrior within and they are ready to let them out! They are active members in their communities, and carry a postive mindset. These young men and women will not only be representing our photography studio throughout their senior portrait experience; but also learn valuable skills to prepare them for this next chapter they are about to embark on. During this year long program we will meet once a month for stylized shoots, team building exercises, and workshops to build confidence and promote body positivity. Throughout their Senior Ambassador journey they will meet other confident individuals and become a tight knit family continuously building each other up to be the great leaders long after they graduate. 

6-8 custom Stylized shoots

From smoke bombs to glamor sessions, we are going to have a blast during our monthly meet up! Oh and lets not forget about the free food.


Join us for an informational meeting!

June 5th & 6th - 5pm & 7pm 

Please note a parent or guaridan must accompany you

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