Birth Photography 

No matter how your baby is brought earth-side  it's a miracle worth documenting  We are here to help you capture all those beautiful moments throughout your labor and delivery in a modest and elegant style. From the love and support you receive from your partner and birth team, to those beautiful first moments you've been waiting the last 9 months for. We're here to capture it all, and preserve it so that these moments won't be forgotten over the years in the hustle and bustle of raising these little miracles.  

Common Q+A

Will we be able to meet you prior to our birth? 

Absolutely! In fact, we require it upon booking. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with us prior to your delivery. During our time together we will spend time getting to know one another, go over any questions or concerns you have, and chat about your birth plan. I always tell parents they are welcome to meet with me multiple times prior if they feel they need to as well. 

When is the best time to book our Birth Photographer? 

We believe it's never too early or late to book your birth photographer. However, we do only accept 2 a month, as well as take time off throughout the year. To ensure we are available, we recommend booking as early as the start of your second trimester, or as soon as you can. Once you've signed your contract and placed your deposit, your due date will be officially on our calendar! 

When do you arrive to start documenting the birth? 

 We generally arrive when active labor begins, usually around 5-6cm or when your contractions have steadily been about 8-5 minutes apart and last a minute long for an hour. However, depending on travel time to your birth location, birth plan, or previous pregnancy & birth experiences, we may recommend having us come sooner. 

What happens if I have a long labor? 

 Once one of us arrives to capture your labor, we generally do not leave until the baby has arrived and all those beautiful first moments together are preserved. If your labor allows we may step out to give you some alone time, or take a quick break. However we truly are in this for the long haul with you.  

Will you share our images online or in your studio? 

 This is entirely up to you! Of course we love to share some of our favorite images in our portfolio and on our social sites. However it is not required. We ask each birth client in advance their thoughts on sharing some of their images, and check in again after they've seen their final images to confirm if there are any images they do not want shared. 

What happens if I need a C-Section? 

 All forms of birth are beautiful, powerful, and worth documenting. Ultimately it is up to you if you want me to continue documenting if anything unexpected comes up during your labor and delivery that may not be in your birth plan. If you and your partner decided you'd like me to continue  documenting your birth story inside the OR we are happy to, however, please note we are limited to hospital policies and can only do so if they allow. 

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