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Throughout this amazing life we live, we will celebrate dozens of events that celebrate some of our lives greatest victories, moments, and the start or ending of another season in our lives. From weddings, to baptism, to parties and celebrations in between, we are here to capture and preserve these moments; so that you can enjoy and look back on the fun for years to come. 

Hiring a professional to document some of life's biggest moments can be a daunting task. Not only do you want to LOVE the work they showcase, but also make sure they have the proper knowledge, skill and experience needed to juggle the chaos of big events as the day unfolds. 

We're not just photographer's when it comes to life's biggest events. We are the buffers, the smoothers, the emergency seamstress, child holder, zipper helper, water fetcher, and navigators. We not only make sure these moments are preserved to cherish, but make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible for all.

Common Q+A

When do you recommend booking you for our Event?

Whenever your ready! There is no bad time to invest in these memories. There's only the time after when you'll regret not having the moments to look back on. We tend to tell those considering hiring a Wedding or Event Photographer to book out as early as a year to  ensure we are available and not taking time off for vacation. 

Do you provide Hair & Makeup? 

Yes, we do! We provide Hair and Makeup in a variety of our packages, and additional members can add on the service as well if needed. We partner without Premier Make up Artist Lauren over at L.A Page Makeup!

What happens if my event goes longer then planned? 

We are always happy to stay later if needed, but we do apply an additional fee per hour we are needed. 

Do you provide anything for the session? 

We do! We are a duo team, and you'll generally find both Shea & Erika working with you during your day of celebration depending on what kinda of coverage package you purchased.

What if I'm only have a small event for a few hours? 

We offer a variety of packages to fit a variety of different needs and budgets, contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation to see what options are available to best fit your individual needs. 

What happens if we have to postpone or cancel our event due to bad weather? 

No worries at all! We can't control the weather, and every now and then we can get a good rain storm when we planned a gorgeous day of celebrating We will work with you to work

Do you travel for destination weddings? 

We do! We travel all over New England and beyond! We actually started off 2019 with a wedding out in Chicago

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