Newborn Photography 

Your family is about to welcome it's newest member, how exciting! For many, it can be hard to find the perfect Newborn Photographer. After all, this is your fragile tiny new baby that you've been waiting so long to meet! You want these portraits to not only reflect you and this season for your family, but also know they will be well preserved for generations to come. Shea has over 5 years of experience working as a newborn photographer, training with some of the best leading photographers in the industry. Not only will she create beautiful works of art for your family to remember this fleeting time, but you can be rest assured that she's had the proper training and skills to do so safely; so that your new baby is never compromised or at risk when capturing those beautiful poses parents love. 

Along with her extensive training, we also have an extensive prop and newborn collection! Over the years we have created our studio space to have everything you could possibly need for your session. From wraps in every color of the rainbow, to our hundred of handmade head pieces, outfits, buckets and props. We truly have it all to create your own custom work of art. 

Common Q+A

When do you recommend booking your Newborn Session? 

Although it's never too late to book your newborn session, we generally recommend booking your Newborn Session as early as the second trimester so that we can ensure we have availability surrounding your due date.

Are my partner and children and I able to be a part of the session? 

Absolutely! We highly encourage both parents, siblings, furr-children to be a part of the fun! Your family is growing and we should take a moment to celebrate while also updating your family portrait!

Is Hair and Makeup included? 

 Yes,! We partner with L.A Page Makeup for all our Hair & Makeup needs. She spends about an hour to 90 minutes with each mom during the session. Often times she will get to work pampering you, while we start working with your baby, All in the comfort of the same space so you can watch if you'd like. 

Do you provide anything for the session? 

We do! We have a huge selection of various props, wraps, head pieces, backdrops and more! Families are always welcome to bring some family heirlooms or other special things they'd like incorporate. However, for the most part we have everything you'll need. 

When do you typically schedule the Newborn Session? 

We usually try and schedule newborns to come in between 5 and 14 days after birth to ensure those sleepy poses parents love. However, we are happy to work with newborns past that too.   

How long do Newborn Sessions take? 

On average our Newborn Sessions take anywhere from 90minutes to 3 hours. We always tell parents they should plan for the full 3 hours as we never know how the session will go. The babies truly do run the show for these!

What happens if my baby is born early? 

No worries at all! Babies have a mind of their own, and our main concern is that both mom and baby are doing okay and are getting any extra care they might need. In the event of a Preemie we would just schedule your session for after your baby is home, and go from there to schedule your session. If we need to adjust our standard newborn posing, we can easily do so!

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