Sitter & Cake Smash Photography 

You blinked and the first year with your little one has nearly flown by you! Suddenly they went from wanting to be held and rocked all day and night, to moving and grooving so much that you're trying to keep up! Everyday is a new day of milestones and firsts. Their personalities are starting to shine bright and you just can't believe how much has changed in only 6 to 12 short months. Before another year flies by and they change even more; lets just take a moment to honor this time with them and celebrate the amazing little person they are right here and now. These moments won't seem like much now, but 10 to 20 years from now, when they're all grown, you'll walk past these portraits in your home and they'll bring you right back to these miraculous moments with them so small and sweet.

Common Q+A

When do you recommend booking your Sitter or Cake Smash Session? 

We generally recommend booking sitter sessions around the time they are starting to comfortably sit up on their own with little to no assistance. We generally recommend booking your Cake Smash Session 6-8 weeks prior to their birthday to ensure we have availability. We tend to choose a date with you around 2-3 weeks before their actual birthday. 

Do you provide the cake? 

Yes, we do, unless the parents have any special requests or want to use their own bakery we are happy to provide the cake.

What if my child has allergies? 

 Yes, we are very cautious when dealing with food sessions as we want to be careful of any allergies. We ask that if a child has ANY allergies that we should be aware of, that they notify their photographer upon booking. We are happy to accommodate and provide gluten &/or dairy free cakes if needed.  

Do you provide anything for the session? 

We do! We have a huge selection of various props, outfits, head pieces, backdrops and more! Families are always welcome to bring some family heirlooms other special things they'd like incorporated too. However for the most part we have everything you'll need. 

How long do these sessions take? 

On average our sitter and One Year Sessions take anywhere from 45 to 90minutes We always tell parents they should plan for the full 90 minutes as we never know how the session will go or how much time warming up to us their little one might need.

What happens if my child just isn't having it? 

No worries at all! Babies have a mind of their own. Between teething, growing, curiosity of a new place and a stranger or two in their face with a big scary camera, it can be overwhelming! We always try to ease into it and allow them a chance to warm up to us before starting. However, if we're finding they're just having a tough day, we are always happy to reschedule for a time later in the week to try again.

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