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One of the first questions we ask those inquiring for Family Sessions is, "When was the last time you had professional family portraits done, and what do you do with the portraits you had created?" 


To this we have had a variety of answers. A few saying recently, some saying its been years, and many saying never. Out of those who have had professional portraits taken of their children and families in recent years, most said they've done nothing with the portraits they invested so much time and money to have created. They enjoyed posting them when they received them, but they never had the time to have prints made, let alone figure out the sizing, framing, and time to hang them. 

Here at Sterling Photography, we do all of those details for you. We want these portraits to be hanging proudly in your home to remind you of this season, and that freckled faced, 5 year old running through the field  long after they're heading to college. We want you to enjoy these moments and create some wonderful memories while we create these custom works of art of your very own family.

Common Q+A

When do you recommend booking a Family Session?

Whenever you're readyThere is no bad time to invest in these memories. There's only the time after when you'll regret not having the moments to look back on.

Do you provide Hair & Makeup? 

Yes, we do! We provide Hair and Makeup for mom, and additional members can add on the service as well if needed. We partner with a  Premier Make up Artist Lauren over at L.A Page Makeup!

What do we wear? 

Choosing and coordinating outfits for the whole family can be daunting! We work with you to decide on the perfect outfit selections prior to your session and also have a great "What to Wear" guide available! Ask your photographer for more details

Do you provide anything for the session? 

We offer both in-studio and on-location settings for Child and Family Sessions. We have a great list of locations if you're looking for an outdoor scenery but are having trouble thinking of a great place! 

How long do these sessions take? 

On average our sessions take anywhere from 60 to 90minutes We always tell parents they should plan for the full 90 minutes as we never know how the session will go or how much time warming up to us their little one might need.

What happens if we chose an outdoor location but the weather is bad? 

No worries at all! We can't control the weather, and every now and then we can get a good rain storm when we planned a gorgeous sunset session on the beach. We will work with you to reschedule you to the next available date that fits both our schedules/

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