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Paw Prints 4 Luna

Get your furry friend some portraits done while helping out another!
Unfortunately we're all booked up! We'll let you know if we open up a second round soon.

Time & Location

Oct 05, 2019, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sterling Photography LLC, 495 Blake Street, New Haven, CT, USA

About the Event

Please join us for our Paw Prints 4 Luna Fundraiser on Oct. 5th!

🐾 20 Minute pet portrait session

🐾 8x10 fine art matted portrait of your pet. 

Have more then one furry friend you want to have portraits of? Add on additional pet and portrait for $50 each.

All proceeds will go towards the accumulated vet expenses from the last 6 months.

Back in the beginning of the year I’d switched vets. Luna was due to go in for some puppy vaccines, and I wasn’t loving our current. Upon the initial check up between Cooper and Luna, we had not a single worry. But then the vet kept calling and leaving messages. Then she called at nearly 9 o’clock at night. Cooper had turned up Heartworm positive. We went through the process of furthering testing and then treating- followed by the 6 weeks of down time. During this diagnosis and treatment we’d scheduled Luna to be spayed. Given that she was a rescue we didn’t know just how old she was, only that she was still a puppy. Luna ended up going int heat just a week before she was scheduled to go in. Go figure! We kept a close eye on her, made she she hadn’t had contact with any males, and thanked goodness Cooper had already been fixed. We rescheduled her spay, only to have it delayed again for her appearing to be still in heat. Just a day after that postponement, we noticed a discharge drilling from her vagina. our vet had us rush her in, only to confirm Luna had pyrometra. Pyrometra is a uterine infection that happens due to the hormone increase and is usually found in older dogs whom have gone through multiple heat cycles from what I understand. Luna had only just had her first. This prompted an emergency hysterectomy for the following morning, which just so happened to be a Sunday. It was a rather difficult survey, almost bearing 4hours. Unfortunately, that despite the surgery, the infection didn’t go away. We spent a month monitoring, going through expensive test, watching her lose 6 pounds, doing the “big guns” for antibiotics, and then finally an ultrasound to confirm a small piece of her ovary was left causing just enough hormones to keep feeding the infections- resulting in a second emergency surgery in less then 2 months. Thankfully just this weekend Luna was officially given a clean bill of health and cooper’s latest scans came in heart worm negative!

However, in order to get them healthy and keep them here with us. We’ve racked up thousands of dollars in debt. Im not one to just put a go fund me page up and ask for donations, I’d rather do something to earn them in the process. Please consider supporting us during this time by joining in our pet portrait fundraiser.

  • Paw Prints 4 Luna Fundraiser

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