Newborn Prep Guide

May 1, 2013




Hello Expect parents! 


First I would like to thank you for choosing me to capture your littles newborn pictures! I understand how much these moments and photographs can mean and I am honored you have chosen me. 


This blog post has everything you will need to know when it comes to your newborn session!


When To book:

There is no set time to book; however I do encourage families to book during their third trimester to ensure we have availability your birth month. Upon booking I will Pencil you Estimated Due Date (EDD) on our calendar and once baby has arrived we will schedule your definite session date.


Once baby has made their debut and you are getting ready to head home, we encourage families to let us know. The best thing to do would be to send us an email at with the subject Newborn Session Baby ______.


In your email please include a picture of baby, babies birth date, measurements of length and weight along with the proper spelling of babies entire name. 


We will then be in touch with some available date and times to get you in within the week. We like to get babies in Between 7-10 days. We do this because they tend to stay asleep and wake less during their set transitions and posing. As well as fight us less when it comes into curling up into those cute precious poses parents love. 


What to expect for your session: 


Prior to your session you will either fill out a session questionnaire, or consult with me personally to discuss your session and any themes, props, color pallets, and personal items you would like used throughout your session. 


We always encourage parents, siblings and sometimes even the family fur babies to get involved in the action! We ask that you give us a heads up if you will be having any sibling, parent, or family shots done prior so we can plan that into our work flow please. To learn more on what to wear for your portion please refer to the "what to wear" section. 


There are a lot of behind the scenes action that take place before-during-and after you leave the studio. Each session is unique and crafted to fit each client personally, and our newborn sessions are no different.


Each newborn session has about 4 to 5 custom sets. Once you've booked and I have gone over what you would like for your babies session, I start planning each set. I do this based off any themes, props, color pallets or special requests you may have expressed in hoped of capturing photo's that are true to you-and that you will cherish forever.


48 Prior Prep:


Yep, I know it seems a little ridiculous to need to be prepping for photographs two days before your scheduled session, but trust me these simple steps can really help these session move smoother and faster! Some sessions can last up to 3 hours! However I have had quiet a few that have been in and out within an hour and a half! When it comes to newborn sessions, parents really do play a vital role in the success to how smoothly things go. 


For breastfeeding moms my biggest tip is to stay true to the breastfeeding dietary guidelines. You don't want to eat anything that may cause baby to have an upset tummy or feel gassy otherwise they won't be able to settle well for their session. 


2 hour Prior Prep:


We LOVE babies to be in a nice deep somber for their sessions. We aren't apposed to those wide eyes and bushy tailed happy guys that like to stop in and model for us from time to time, however sleepy is preferred. To help ensure this please follow these few guidelines two hours prior to your scheduled session.


                    - Stimulate baby two hours prior. Usually a nice warm bath is the perfect trick for this. 

                    - Refrain from feeding 2hrs prior to arrival. 

                    - Keep baby awake during your ride to the studio.


Upon Arrival:


Once you have gotten to the studio I will have you sign in and finish up any paper work and payments needed. Mom will then settle in to feed baby. Once baby has been fed and burped mom will then hand off baby to me to begin prepping for the session. 


While mom is feeding I will go over sets I pulled based off of what I thought fit your vision. We will narrow them down to 4 or 5 and I will begin prepping while she finishes feeding. 


Please note the following:


-If you will be having siblings join we strongly encourage them to come for the begging or ending portion of the session. The reason for this is because the quieter and calmer the studio, the less baby will be disturbed.


-Our studio is kept between 75-80 degrees. It gets HOT. I strongly encourage you to dress in light lose clothing and/or in layers. If we aren't sweating baby won't be warm enough in their bare skin. 


-I will get pooped or peed on. Your baby will soil some of my props, backdrops, and wraps. They will fuse. They will need a break from time to time. It's all completely normal and there really isn't a set time for these. So relax and enjoy! 


-Sessions can last up to 3 to 4 hours at times and others can be between 1 and 2. It really does all depend on baby. So please plan accordingly and eat well before arriving! I will have water and light snacks available as well. 


-Safety is always one of my main concerns and I am always trying to go the extra mile to ensure a safe session. There will be times throughout your babies session will I will ask either parent to come over and spot or assist with a set or pose. 


What to wear: 


If parents and siblings will be joining the picture fun we ask that you wear light natural colors such as whites or off whites, creams, soft grays or pale shades. 









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