Cake Smash Sessions!

May 1, 2017

Birthdays are a fun time to celebrate and document no matter what the age! For many new parents their little ones first few birthdays are especially important for them to have captured. So we offer a fun exciting way for you to have professional photo's updated of your littles, while throwing in some birthday fun! 



Before the Smashing:


We customize each of our sessions to fit each family, and child we are capturing. To us personally we feel it's important that you have photographs that truly reflect you and your style! These are photo's that you will be displaying around your home, maybe at work, and sharing with your loved ones. It's important that you love them too! So to help us better customize your session please fill out the Cake Smash Q&A on our Clients Forms page.​




 How it works! 


We do cake smashes with 3-4 sets. 

Set One 


The first set is a custom set we do to capture this fun ad exciting age! We try to capture some candid shots of new milestones they may have reached for there age. We try to really capture their personality during this set as well as capture some pretty sweet photo's for you to look back on. 









 Set Two 


The second set is what we like to call, the calm before the Smash. This set is the actual cake-smash set with their smashing outfit on. A lot of parents will request that their child have a photo with their Birthday party outfit on, and swap it out with their cake smash outfit before we do the. cake.






Set Three 


Let Smashing begin! Set three is all about the cake! We provide a small smash cake and can work around any dietary restrictions needed! Most babies have no interest in eating the cake I have to be honest. In fact 9 out of 10 times, we are the ones who have to smoke and mirror it to make it look like they dug in! 

This sweet little girl had a blast doing her smash session, but she really wasn't much of a cake fan, nor was she up for getting sticky! So we made it work :) 























Set Four


Set four is a something I thought of doing after our first cake smash last summer! These babies just get so messy, I decided to start doing some old fashioned bubble baths with them! Parents love these images and I always have so much fun capturing them! Once the final set it done, babies are cleaned up and ready to get dressed and continue on with their day! 





Here are some things I would recommend to help insure a smooth session. 


Parents: Bring extra clothes! Not just for your child, but you as well! It gets messy for all of us at times, so it's nice to have an extra set to change into on hand!


I provide everything your child will need for the session :) You are welcome to bring some of your own items if you'd like too! 


I recommend parents to bring a pair of jeans and a simple white top for baby. It's nice to have those on hand for a cute photo and they go with everything!


We encourage mom and dad to take a few photo's too! So if you'd like to join in let us know so we can plan a family shot in. 


IMPORTANT- For scheduling please plan around your Childs nap scheduled. A happy little one means a happy cake smashing! 









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