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October 9, 2017


 If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram then you've probably been seeing a lot of talk about products lately! You may be wondering what all the hype is about or what it even means, not only in terms of what it is, but what it could mean for your family's session. This blog has the all the information you've been waiting for! 


With all the revamping of our business from all ends we've become a full service boutique studio!   



What does "Full Service" mean?


It means that with us you will get the full service experience. We will no longer just book you via a form of messaging, show up to your session, and send you your digitals. From this point on we will work with each client from the booking to the final delivery. We want a personalized client relationship with you. We want to get to know you and your family. What are the characteristics that make you special? What do you love about your children and parenthood? What do you want for them? We will work with you throughout the planning process to really create a one of a kind experience. Then, we will reveal your final images to you in a way that will truly freeze time and take you back to that time you spent creating them. We will work with you to choose which prints and products will best suit your family. We can even help you with framing and installation! We really do help you with it all to ensure these portraits can be enjoyed for generations to come! 




Our Prints & Products 


We have a unique line of the industry's highest quality prints and products. Each of the products we offer are designed to be durable enough to withstand your little ones so that even they can enjoy them. We also include a lifetime natural disaster warranty to cover any damages your beautiful portraits could receive in the event of a fire, flood, or storm.




Wall Art 


We believe that the best art for the walls in your home are of your beautiful family! Think about your home growing up. Your relative's homes. Did they have a lot of photographs on the walls? Were you able to see yourselves and loved ones as they grew over the years through what they displayed on their walls? What do you currently have around your home for portraits? Are there ones of your children, or your partner and you? 


In my home, we always had a big wall of portraits of not only us as we grew, but of our parents, our cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, even our family pets. I remember this really beautiful portrait my grandparents came home with after a cruise. The photo was made with silk and in a gold frame. Pa was in a tux and my grandmother in pearls. My brother and I stared at that thing for hours. We'd never seen them so dressed up and always loved hearing the story from when they had it done. My grandmother is no longer with us, and my brother has it proudly hanging in his home for his children to cherish. 


If you asked yourself the above questions and saw portraits throughout your childhood home, but aren't seeing it in your current home, let us help you! We have a variety of wall art to choose from and we're sure we can help you find the perfect fit for your home! 




Do you love the look of canvas in your home? We offer the best in the industry! We work with a family owned company who hand makes each of their canvases. Clients can choose between a mounted option that is ready to be framed and hung in their home, or a stretched canvas. 

Check out how they're made below! 


 (How our canvases are made by hand) 






 These stunning metal prints come with a sleek design and protective finish.  Metals are a huge favorite among clients lately. They love their light-weight feel and the beautiful shine they hold. They truly bring the colors alive and create some stunning wall art for homes! These are great if you are looking for a contemporary feel for your home and family portraits, or if you just want to splash up your children's play area with a fun theme!


They can easily be mounted to your walls with  the metal posts we include making hanging a breeze! All you have to do is pre-drill your four holes and you're ready to hang your sleek metal portrait! 












Stand Outs


Our  sleek Standout collection is a contemporary way to mount those beautiful photo's we captured for you! Our standouts are made from a light weight foam with your choice of depth at either 1 1/2" or 3/4". 





















Choose between a black, white or bamboo edge. This edge encases the light weight foam to give your final wall piece a modern sleek look! 


With 4 pre-made holes for mounting; these sure are a breeze to hang around your home!




Cards & Announcements 


We offer a wide range of custom cards and announcements! We work with you to design the cards from the images featured, to the words you wish to use on it. We can create some truly stunning designs just for your special news! 




Does your little one love to touch and hold things while looking? Are you looking for a fun way to share family memories with your children and loved ones? Well look no further! Our signature albums are designed to be a durable and fun way to share your family's memories. These albums come with your choice of a leather, linen, or wooden cover, beautiful thick pages so you don't have to worry about the littles damaging them, and a custom layout and design we work with you to create! 




The products you receive with us are of the highest quality our industry has to offer. These archival portraits and products are designed to be handed down from generation to generation. These are the family heirlooms your family will be cherishing a hundred years from now. 


Do you love what you see? Contact us today to set up your FREE consultation today!  




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