Goodbye Hair | Adrian Hunter | Stage IV Lung Cancer | Connecticut

December 15, 2017


 It started. 


His hair finally started to come out. I say finally because everyday we'd visit he'd say "still got my hair", as if he was waiting for it to just disappear.


Today he no longer has his hair. 



Thanksgiving 2017

 I walked in the door eager to see everyone and spend a small part of the holiday with my family. It had been a few days since I last saw grandpa since I'd been busy wrapping up a crazy week at the studio. I wasn't prepared for the emotions that hit me when I walked in the door. 


When I opened the door I was greeted by the little ones eager to see me, and a smiling grandpa who sat straight ahead smiling at me.


He was the first thing my eyes landed on when I walked in the door and once I laid eyes on him there were no stopping the flood of tears that followed. There sat my Grandpa, the guy with the beautiful thick hair I've known forever. Only this time his hair wasn't so thick and he was a little thinner too. 


I wasn't expecting to see so much change in such a short amount of time. Seeing those physical changes almost makes it more real. I was balling my eyes out and turned my back in my famous attempt to not let him see me cry-it never works but I still attempt it. Everyone gathered around to make sure I was okay and he sat there trying to smile through it. I say trying because let's face it, is seeing your love ones react that way really ever easy to process? I'm gonna 


We did what we do best though and made many laughs and memories thoughout the day. Even with gaint marshmallows hehe. 




Goodbye Hair....

Nov. 30th. 2017



The shedding has started. 


It started with just a few tuffs on his pillow. 


Then it started to fall on his shoulders and stick there. 


He called and asked Dale to come shave it off. So she did. 


I'll be honest, I couldn't summon the courage for this event. It's not even the worst of what we have to endure but there's just something so symbolic about his hair to me. Having it gone was so hard to wrap my head around. I knew my reaction was heart breaking on Thanksgiving and I knew I would have a really hard time keeping it together for this. So I let Dale and my mom do this one together with their Dad, while I held down the fort at work. 














 What do you guys think? Doesn't he look handsome! :) 









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