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June 26, 2019

At 10:41 on the morning of May 15th I received a message for Dale that she had a bit of show going on. I was waiting by the phone for another client who was showing signs of going into labor as well. So I called Erika for back up, went home and got everything ready for who ever needed me first. 


I was just getting back from a birth that evening when I checked in on her to see how she was doing. She'd informed me that she was having contractions that felt more achy; and by 9:48 she messaged me to say they were dropping her youngest off with the sitter and heading over to the hospital. 


I backed up my cards and reloaded the car to start heading her way. Upon arrival, we got her up walking around the halls to see if her contractions would pick up, sure enough they did and they settled in for the evening, eager to meet their baby soon. 





















As the time to push got closer, Dad was getting anxiety. He had been able to catch he other two children when he was stationed in Texas, but wasn't able to do so for the last due to policy. I had taken a leap of faith to just go ahead and ask for him, as I knew how much it meant and the worst they could do is say "no". To our surprise the nurse left the room, and walked in with the doctor and suit for him to suit up! Then to our amazement, the doctor didn't just allow him to catch the baby, but directed him and allowed him to deliver her himself! It was a moment we all will never forget. 














Welcome to the family miss Emma, you are loved beyond words

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