Prints Matter. Here is the real reason why.

October 2, 2019

We'd all like to live forever. 


We'd all like to see our babies grow up and have babies of their own. 


And if we're really lucky, we'd like to see those babies have babies too. 


Life doesn't always work that way though. Sometimes it's much shorter then any of us could ever predict or imagine. Sometimes it's before your even 35.



This is my 'WHY'. This is why prints matter to me. 

I often get a ton of questions with each inquiry. The most common being about digitals. I always counter back with, "Why are digitals important to you?" 


They're not. You think they are, because we live in such a privileged part of the world where most of our lives have been digitalized. But in the end, they're obsolete. 

You'll say you'll print them- and you might print a few. Some do. Most likely from the local drug store. Sadly  the colors won't be accurate; and over a short time, they'll eventually begin to fade.


For many they never get around to actually printing them. They'll mean to, don't get me wrong, but life is so busy, so demanding it seems these days. They'll post them on their social media pages, which will compromise the quality when they're compressed. They'll get a lot of reactions and comments, and time hop will go on to remind them a year or so down the road. Time will continue to pass and life will get busier, more photo's to be had more digitals to be be posted, But soon they will all be a distant memory of moments that you had taken time and invested in, to have preserved for your family, only to never get printed and truly cherished.

So what happens when life reaches its end, and those photo's - those fractions of a moment that had been frozen in time, are not printed. When the hard drive that you stored them on has corrupted.  When the only copies your loved ones have left, are the compressed Facebook versions. When they don't  have your password to access them. 


What do they have left to hold tight? What do they have left to show their children and grandchildren one day when they share the childhood stories about their mother, father, they're grandparents. 



"I have plenty of life left, I don't need to worry about that." You think to yourself. 


You don't though; because life isn't guaranteed. It can be shorter then any of us ever expect. 


I've lost two clients under the age of 35 since 2017. Both were mothers, both leaving behind children that were just ready to head off to school. 


It was a pivotal moment in my career. One that opened my eyes and awoke something in my soul. 


It was in those moments that I realized how much a disservice I was giving to my clients. 


You see, that exact thing did happen. It happened to me. 


They'd made the time and investment to have their portraits taken, and I'd just given the digitals, after all it's what everyone wanted. I naively thought was the best thing to do at the time, and I was wrong. 

Only to have a husband and father contact me a few years later and share how his wife had passed. Prints were never made. The disc was broken. He tried everything possible but could not get into her computer to salvage them.Their daughter was left with nothing. No portraits of her mother.  It was in that moment I realized just how much prints mattered. 


Prints Matter. They are your family's legacy.


I failed that first family by not offering that final step in my service all those years ago, I failed them by not bringing the art they hired me to create, to life. 


I vowed from that moment on to make a change. That if I was going to make a career of this, and feed my family, that I would make sure to take care of all of my clients family's in the process. That I would do whatever it takes to preserve these moments for them to cherish. 


So I did. I sent off to have prints made for them. Then I spent a year expanding my knowledge, taking classes, researching the best professional labs in the country, and partnering with them. Just so that I can guarantee that ever single print, canvas, and album last hundreds of years. So that each families legacy can be passed down through the generations. Because prints matter and this is what I am hired to do, To help preserve legacies, 


So ask yourself, What is your photographer doing for you? 

When you decide to hire a photographer, you shouldn't just worry about the quality of their portraits. Yes, their artistic style is important. You're investing in an artist, so you should love their creations. However, in this digital world we live in, I feel like we lost one of the most important aspects of a photographers service. 


Their ability to preserve these moments in ways that your family and loved ones can physically cherish. Something they can hold and pass down.  A customized piece of their family's legacy. 


How is your photographer helping to preserve your family's legacy?  What are they doing to make sure your moments will last long after digitals have corrupted, 












Photo's displayed in this blog are of Sterling Photography's client products. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and let us show you all the way we can help you preserve your family's legacy. 


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