A photographic documentary empowering birthing woman and those who support them through the process. 

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April 19, 2017

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What is it? 

The Bring Birth Back Project is a photojournalism aimed to normalize birth and help women and their partners feel safe, respected, and supported during their journey through labor and delivery. We are looking for families who are interested in having a birth photographer present to capture the love and support present from the birth team. 


Contact us today to learn how to be apart of this project and have your labor and delivery professionally captured FREE of charge.

How does it work?

If I am available when you go into labor, I will attend your labor and delivery and photograph it in a modest and elegant style. I will capture moments of support, love, and encouragement you may receive from your partner or birth team. Along with that, I capture those first moments of baby earthside such as first breaths, cord cuttings, skin to skin, measurements and more! 


To sign up its FREE! It's no charge to have me put you on our list of births for the project! We will put your due date on our calendar and when you give me the call to come up, I will as long I'm available. Participants receive 3-5 photo's we choose to use in the project free of charge. If they wish to purchase their entire digital birth gallery, they can for a discounted fee of $300+tax.

Worried I won't be available? 

If you know you want a birth photographer present to capture your birth, and you don't want to take the chance of having me be unavailable for yours, you can book your birth with me for the normal price of $800. This includes your gallery and guarantees I'm on call to attend your delivery. Payment plans are available for our birth story bookings. 

What if the place I'm delivering will only allow 1 or 2 people? 

Some places only allow a few support people to be present during the birth. It's important to talk to your doctor prior to your delivery to let them know you wish to have me attend your birth and get their approval. If you are interested in having a doula present for your birth I do offer those services along with the birth photography for an additional fee of $150. To learn more about that please read the "Need a doula?" section. 

Need a doula?

If you would like some additional support throughout your labor and delivery I am happy to offer my doula services for a small fee of $150. With the doula support, I will help you and your partner come up with a birth plan, help inform you and any questions you may have throughout the labor and delivery process and help you manage your pain naturally. For some, this is the perfect option if they are looking to have a doula and professional photographer present at the same time but they can only have X amount of people in the delivery room. For some participants, they have also done the doula add-on just to ensure that they can have me present to capture the birth. Please note that my role as a doula is to never give medical advice or override a doctor. I am just there to inform, answer questions and support and advocate for you and what your wishes are for your labor and delivery. 

Want to help this project grow?

This project is run entirely out of pocket. To help us grow the project and spread the word about it in hopes these images can help someone near you, please consider making a small donation to our gofundme page in support. 

Interested in signing up?

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